Alhama de Granada


Lots of history in Alhama de Granada! Did you know that the Catholic Queen founded a hospital there, for example?  She, of course, was the mother of Catherine of Aragon – Henry XIII’s first wife – and cousin to Mary Queen of Scots.

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High in the Sierras beyond the eastern Costa del Sol, and through the Zaffaraya gap, is the running and training centre operated by Paul Bateson, an experienced runner and long time resident of Spain. Our sponsor has moved to Loja from his traditional centre of the spectacular and historical Alhama de Granada. He can offer plenty of variety while you are on holiday – if you want a trip to somewhere different in Spain. If you live on the coast and want to do something a little different, join in and get fit. He can also offer walking tours.

Marathon preparation, experienced or novice – everything is catered for. In May 2016 there will be a charity run to raise money for a local charity and the development of the North Highland Way, a 180 mile route across the top of Scotland from John o Groats to Cape Wrath.

The drive to Loja is, in itself a treat. Winding up the long and twisty road from the coast, through Zaffaraya and then turn left to Loja. Alternatively, you can go along the motorway and be there much quicker.

Trail running in Loja!